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Dear People of the World,

A few weeks ago Kyle asked me to have a look into updating the Exile Saga website and making a brand new one for Meraki Games. We didn’t have one yet, so it was long overdue. Yesterday I finally got around to it and set up Definitely an improvement if you ask me, because the old is made with Wix and though Wix has it’s advantages it makes sites heavy, slow to respond and slow to load. Though Wix is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) system it can become cumbersome to find your way through the interface when you have an elaborate site and that made it annoying to work with. Plus; the team still depended on me to go into the system to post things which caused delays sometimes. So albeit Wix had many addons it just wasn’t the promised land. As Kyle put it, Wix was inconvenient in case I walked under a bus.

Well, not anymore!

From today onwards I can happily walk under any bus I might come across because the new wordpress website allows us to post easier, be far more responsive and (definitely added value) wordpress gives us direct on-the-go data and analytics about performance. Which is excellent because I sure do love my data and though I was already using google analytics; built-in wordpress data is super nice too.

In the coming few weeks I’ll be fine-tuning so if you see any changes; don’t be alarmed. It’s just me fiddling about. In time we plan on going for an entirely custom designed theme too but I’m still working on that; it’s going to need to be absolutely awesome, you see. In meantime, we’ll keep updating you here working with what we have now.

Have any questions? Feel free to drop us a note via our contact form or send us an email via

Kim signing out, and on her way to find a proper bus. Tah-tah.

Meraki Games Web 1.0

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Meraki Games Web Design 2.0

Okay maybe a little less fish.