World Tour: First stop, Shuicheng!

Pyrrhic Victory takes place in a vast world constantly at war. Yet across the war-torn lands exist those trying to survive each day. There are still natural gems of beauty scattered around the world, little pockets of untouched landscape rarely encountered but always treasured. Let us take a tour of the world Pyrrhic Victory is set in and see what remains when war is over.

During the tour we saw several ships anchored in the Shuicheng port, you can find them at:

Welcome, welcome, to the first complimentary continental tour! This tour is brought to you by the esteemed and world renowned Guild of Master Explorers: The Lost and Found. My name is Tsai Shan, and I’ll be your host and guide on this tour.

Now, many tourists wonder if this tour is safe. After all, we will be wandering across the frigid Mount Xue’feng, meandering through the deadly swamps in the heartland of the Rupani nation, forging ahead in the sweltering heat of the Slahor deserts and even paying a visit to the isolated Narsput and Kosekyan nations! Let me assure you, we’ve taken every possible precaution to keep you safe and (mostly) alive until you return home. As I’m sure you all know, I am an expert Watercaster and that alone should give you all the assurances you need. We have also hired the strongest warriors from Slahor and the most adept soldiers from Rupani to protect this caravan from bandits. To keep us safe from the elements we have survival experts and guides all the way from the Wajanderu Searching Wind Caste and trackers from Narsput (whom I’m assured have been tamed).

First we’ll start in civilized Rupani lands, where all good stories start. The Rupani nation first formed from tribes living within the Wu’kay Yu – a hundred mile wide swamp on the western half of the continent. We of Rupani are a hardy group of people! We were easily able to survive the harsh climate, deadly bug and animals and rapidly changing landscape. But don’t sit down anywhere, you’ll probably sit on a spider or stinger; both would kill you. Oh, stay out of the water too, as the eels will cook you, or something will eat you. Actually, just stay in the caravan and don’t move until we leave the swamp.

At the edge of the heartland swamps is the city of Shuicheng. Shuicheng is our largest port-city with large swaths of open coastline for even the largest warship to dock for repairs. Shuicheng has enough dockspace for a hundred Rupani warships, or twice that many civilian crafts. The old port is one of our oldest cities, having been the first city formed after Rupani fought their way out of the Wu’kay Yu. The grand city of Shuicheng has lasted more than five hundred years, and will easily last another five hundred. Please ignore the damaged buildings and the wrecked ships; some visiting nations don’t clean up after themselves when they stay and their shoddy craftsmanship falls apart rather quickly.

Shuicheng - Pyrrhic Victory - Meraki Games

If you’d like to go for a walk, I’d recommend visiting Z’in Seafood, freshly caught mubidak prepared by the famous Chef Z’in in enough ways to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. But be sure if it is your first visit to our fair land to try the Open-Faced Fish Sandwich; it is certain to whet your appetite! I am instructed to advise you to stay away from the southern docks, there have been some unsavoury individuals lurking and working in the area and you’d not wish to be caught up in their snares.

For myself, I’m staying with the Caravan, be back soon as we continue our tour of the grand nation of Rupani!

Artwork By: Patryk Kowalik