World Tour: Sights of Shuicheng – Rupani Infantry Ship

Pyrrhic Victory takes place in a vast world constantly at war. Yet across the war-torn lands exist those trying to survive each day. There are still natural gems of beauty scattered around the world, little pockets of untouched landscape rarely encountered but always treasured. Let us take a tour of the world Pyrrhic Victory is set in and see what remains when war is over.

The first part of the tour showed us Shuicheng, the very first city which the Rupani nation built when they migrated out of the swamps. The tour of Shuicheng began here, and you can see the rest of the sights of Shuicheng at

Rupani Infantry Ship - Pyrrhic Victory - Meraki Games

Welcome back, it seems everyone is accounted for. I can see from your faces that some of you made a trip to Z’in Seafood like I suggested to receive a proper Rupani welcome! Excellent, be sure to bring friends and family and show them how delightfully tasty the Open-Faced Fish Sandwich is, hmm?

I see some of you are eyeing the ship behind me – that is the Xunsu’yu. She is a ship of our unstoppable Rupani Navy! Unfortunately we can’t get a tour of the inside of the ship, a security measure for which I’m sure you understand. The Xunsu’yu is an infantry transport, and as you can see she has both oars and sails. Both the sails and oars are necessary to give her the speed and maneuverability necessary to catch enemy ships or to quickly dock at a port for a seaside invasion.

As the Xunsu’yu carries no weapons, archers on board shoot arrows at enemy ships while soldiers leap from the deck onto enemy ships. With almost a dozen hatches for infantry to charge up on deck, our soldiers can remain safely away from enemy arrows until the time they’re needed. As our soldiers are adept in the water, there is little fear of them drowning even if they miss the ship or the enemy ship sinks – but we try to capture enemy ships if possible. If nothing else, the supplies help lengthen a campaign and the ship can be modified into something closer to a proper Rupani vessel. If an enemy ship is simply too big to capture, or it is a Kosekyan vessel, then we simply use flaming arrows from as far away as possible. I’m not allowed to tell you how big the Xunsu’yu is, but I can say that there are no rivals in any other nation except Kosekya.

Before we leave Shuicheng, we shall tour some of the other ships in the Navy; we should be able to find at least one of the four main ships in the port somewhere.

Artwork By: Cedric Cunanan

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