World Tour: Sights of Shuicheng – Rupani Ramming Ship

Pyrrhic Victory takes place in a vast world constantly at war. Yet across the war-torn lands exist those trying to survive each day. There are still natural gems of beauty scattered around the world, little pockets of untouched landscape rarely encountered but always treasured. Let us take a tour of the world Pyrrhic Victory is set in and see what remains when war is over.

The first part of the tour showed us Shuicheng, the very first city which the Rupani nation built when they migrated out of the swamps. The tour of Shuicheng began here, and you can see the rest of the sights of Shuicheng at

Welcome back, hopefully everyone has had their fill of touring the Chu’shi Mae? We have time to see one more ship before this caravan moves on. Quick show of hands, the ramming ship just pulling into the south end of the dock, or the scouting ship on the north end?

Ramming ship it is! This is the Zhujing – one of our newer versions of the Jianjing class ramming ship. For those not from Rupani, the jianjing is a large sea whale which stalks the deeper reaches of the Zitan Morai. While their pods don’t tend to come too close to our shores, it is quite common for them to smash ships to timbers if they stray too far. When Rupani first moved to the coast the jianjing were uncommonly aggressive and were hunted and killed in self defense. Alas, as their numbers dwindled they became even more territorial and aggressive and are likely to smash any wood, boat or otherwise which they find floating in their waters. The jianjing is deadly by all measures – nearly as large as the Chu’shi Mae and with a long horn in the center of it’s head – the beast can smash most ships to pieces, or drag them with it into the depths while skewered on their horn.

Why do I tell you all this? Well, the Zhujing is inspired by these masters of the waves! What better inspiration than a whale that can destroy even our mighty ships when riled up?

Rupani Ramming Ship - Pyrrhic Victory - Meraki Games

The Zhujing has a thick hull in the front to allow it to bash into approaching enemy ships, often splintering and floundering ships in a single hit. Like her namesake, the Zhujing has a jianjing horn attached to her hull to skewer an enemy ship, holding them in place if need be, or withdrawing and leaving a wide hole in the hold. As if that wasn’t deadly enough the Zhujing has a pair of oil pots on her prow, allowing her to ram the enemy and leave them ready for flaming arrows from the archers on her deck.

The Zhujing is significantly smaller than the last two ships as she needs to be swift in the current. Unfortunately this means a real jianjing would shatter her pretty easily, but enemy ships don’t stand a chance. The Zhujing works perfectly against nigh any enemy ship. Of course, this doesn’t include the Kosekyan navy – with their cheap floating shipwrecks, they can easily waste a few to take out a Jianjing class ship without being bothered or slowed.

Artwork By: Cedric Cunanan