World Tour: Beih’go Bao, the Impenetrable Sea Fortress

Pyrrhic Victory takes place in a vast world constantly at war. Yet across the war-torn lands exist those trying to survive each day. There are still natural gems of beauty scattered around the world, little pockets of untouched landscape rarely encountered but always treasured. Let us take a tour of the world Pyrrhic Victory is set in and see what remains when war is over.

During the tour we saw several ships anchored in the Shuicheng port, you can find them at: Shuicheng Tour. We more recently saw the Capital city of Rupani, Ilia.

Beih'go Bao - Pyrrhic Victory - Meraki Games

Welcome my friends to the edge of the Nation: Beih’go Bao.

Beih’go Bao is the largest shipyard in the world, it is easily larger than Chengshi, Shuicheng and even Ilia. Beih’go Bao’s by far larger than any ports built by any other nation. In-fact, Beih’go Bao is large enough able to dock the entire Rupani Navy if we so chose. No merchant ships are allowed to dock at Beih’go Bao as the shipyards are used to construct many of our largest ships such as the Shijin class artillery ships you saw earlier in this Tour.

Now, I can’t say too much about the defences here (we can’t have other nations using that against us), but as you can see from here, the Bao has several trebuchets upon tall towers which which can launch projectiles at incoming enemy fleets. The tallest building, the lighthouse, functions as both a guide for ally ship and as a watchtower as the tall tower gives the guards a high vantage point allowing them to see incoming ships up to a day before they arrive. This gives the defenders of the Bao a long time to prepare for their guests. Besides the trebuchets, the Bao has several smaller mangonels, archer towers and fortified gates. It would take a massive army to breach this fortress.

Of course, there is also the fleet itself. The more than two score Yi’feng scoutcraft live up to their namesake and stalk the waters, keeping an eye out for any pirates or enemy fleets. The tiny ships slip away from enemies and can sail through the roughest and shallowest terrain with easy. In less than an hour our Duyunshu transports are brimming with soldiers ready to board enemy craft: perfect for capturing rogue merchant vessels or capital ships. As I mentioned, our Shijin artillery ships are constructed and docked here and their fire power matches that of the garrison when they turn their mangonels towards the enemy! We can’t complete a naval defence without the many Jianjing ramming ships which can form a blockade of sharp points and firebombs, easily ramming through fleets! Fortunately there are no more Jianjings living in the area, so the waters are safe for our own fleet.

Never once has an enemy fleet come close to the shores of Beih’go Bao, the defences are simply too mighty. But, many ask: what if they did? Well, the Bao holds a garrison of elite soldiers whom can man the gates and towers, dropping hot oil on invaders. With a complement of Watercasters to dash enemy ships against the rocks and sink their ships there is simply no retreat for invaders. Once an enemy fleet has landed the garrison archers which shot flaming arrows at the incoming ships can take up positions inside the walls, peppering the enemy soldiers with arrows as they try to breach the two gates. What happens if they manage to break down both gates of our island fortress of might? Well, that isn’t going to happen – not even the Prevluda could do it! But let’s just say that there is a surprise in store for anyone that does manage to breach the outer and inner gates and attack the inner keep to try and capture the Bao.

What is the point of all this power? Well, Beih’go Bao is both our northern defence and our major military port and shipyard. Many of our Generals and Commanders are also trained here in the academy and eventually take command of ships or land armies. Most importantly of course is that Beih’go Bao prevents any invaders from reaching Ilia from the north. With the Yao Feng Divide to the far east of Ilia and rocky cliffs the north, the only way to Ilia through the northern waters is to pass Beih’go Bao over the water. Of course, just in case we have more Baos, outposts and armies to the north to stop any sneaky enemies from marching in peace. This means that Ilia is completely safe from invaders, so if you’d like to find a place to live in peace, you can’t go wrong with Ilia; it is the best city in the world after all.

Several people have wondered about the name Beih’go – which essentially means Nose in the Rupani language. Well have you seen a map? Beih’go Bao is placed right at the nose of the Hau Chau Wan. Here, take a look – doesn’t the land look like a face, with the Hau Chau Wan the gaping mouth, an eye and then Beih’go Bao is on the tip of the nose?

Beih’go Bao On Map - Pyrrhic Victory - Meraki Games

Artwork By: Patryk Kowalik and Cedric Cunanan