DICETINY – The Lord of the Dice

Dicetiny - The Lord of the Dice

Dicetiny – The Lord of the Dice

DICETINY is a PC boardgame by Fakedice made with RPG and CCG (Collectible Card Game) The combination created something very unique and unbelievably fun.

The peace was shattered in the land of the Gods known as “Middle Board”, with the rise of evil creatures. When all seemed lost, four heroes emerged to save the world and claim DICETINY, the one and only die that controls the fate of all races.

DICETINY is a Digital Tabletop Board Game with RPG & Card Collecting elements where Epic Fantasy and Humorous Parodies coexist.

You play as one of the four chosen heroes in one to four player co-op mode , using a die to move and cards skills to survive from mean monsters and epic bosses and ultimately slay them to bring peace to the world once again.