• Name: Cain
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 24
  • Aliases: the Necromancer – Betrayer of humanity – the Traitor – the Cold One

Cain was once an inhabitant of the Monastery. He was a kind, yet mischievous, young man who often got into trouble for playing pranks and jokes on the Masters of the Monastery. He was skilled with weapons, tactics, and magic, to such great extent, that he became a member of Remington’s elite L13 unit at age fourteen.

An eternal prankster and a hopeless romantic, Cain fell in love with a girl his own age; a stunningly beautiful cleric named Annabella. When they were both sixteen, the two of them formed a strong bond and whirled, helplessly, into a deep relationship. Not a single starlit night was missed during those days.

As time went by, however, Annabella started to seem more and more distant. Her nights were spent sneaking around the Monastery halls and she could no longer look the Masters in the eyes. Cain was worried and asked her what was wrong, but Annabella refused to tell him until she had certain proof of her suspicion. This never came to pass.

One night, Annabella was apprehended by two Masters and sent deep within the dungeons beneath the Monastery. She was brought before Remington who judged her as a devil-worshipper and she was sent to a lonesome, well-guarded cell. Refusing to believe that she was an enemy, Cain tried to reason with Remington, himself, but the leader would not budge. Cain was imprisoned in his own room, with two L13 guards outside the door, because Remington feared that the young man would do something rash.

Three days passed and on the fourth day, Annabella was executed for treason. Upon learning this, Cain rammed open his door, snapped the neck of one of his guards, and used the guard’s sword to kill the other. Mad with grief and rage, Cain ran through the halls of the Monastery, killing three more L13 members, until he reached the outside. Here, he was confronted by Remington, four Masters, and the commander of L13.

Cain went berserk. He blacked out and when he woke up, he was lying in the grass of the Frontier, covered in blood; not all was his own. As he fought to get to his feet, he was overcome by the wounds of battle and gave in to unconsciousness. During the night, he was picked up and transported to the grand halls of the demon lord Etricus.

Here, Cain swore allegiance to his new master and learned the forbidden ways of the Necromancer. He grew so cold and cruel, that even demons feared his cold-hearted gaze.

If one were to ask Cain why his heart turned to ice, his answer would be this – “I will burn the Monastery to the ground and murder Remington, just like he murdered my Annabella.”