• Name: Etricus
  • Race: Demon
  • Age: Unknown
  • Aliases: The Overlord, The Crimson Master

Etricus is one of the most powerful demons in existence. It is said that his power is only surpassed by that of the Emperor of Nera. No one knows how old Etricus is, but Celestial and Demonic history tell legends of his presence since ancient times.

A marvellous tactician, he leads his forces with brutal efficiency. Even the great demonic general, Antares, is said to envy Etricus’s tactical mind. He is known as the Overlord because of his power and influence. He earned the moniker, The Crimson Master, because he masters the forgotten art of Blood Magic – a terrible, vampiric form of magic.

Etricus holds a bastion, not far from Remington’s Monastery, and his scout forces clash with L13 from time to time; though he knows better than to meddle in the Emperor’s affairs by attacking and destroying the Monastery’s residents.

Even so, Etricus’s loyalty to the Emperor has faded and he has begun working in the shadows, planning to overthrow and destroy the mighty Emperor. This plan involves a certain half-demon and it is Etricus who orchestrates the kidnapping of Mira.

It was also Etricus who brought Cain to his fortress and trained him to become the powerful Necromancer he is.