• Name: Natale the Brave
  • Race: Angel
  • Age: Unknown (Apparent age: mid-20’s)
  • Aliases: White Wolf

When the world was still whole, Natale was the Archangel of Bravery. She was respected, not only as a warrior, but also as a sage among the celestials. However, when the Portal was opened, and the Empire of Nera laid cataclysmic siege to the world of mankind, Natale broke the laws of the celestials, and rushed to the humans’ side – one human in particular, who was said to be the only one who could influence the fate of the world. As Natale rushed to the side of this man, she was hunted by the other celestials.

“No celestial being may leave the Heavens in order to influence the course of history, or the lesser beings in any way,” they said.

But Natale had already left and even though she found the man of the prophecy, and saved his life as he fell battling the demon general Antares, it was not long before she was captured by her brethren. As punishment for her crimes, Natale was stripped of her Archangel title and powers and bound to a magical obelisk deep within a sacred glade in the human world.

Though stripped of most of her powers and bound to the Obelisk, Natale retained certain abilities; she could heal even the most grievous of wounds and turn into a large, white wolf with gleaming blue eyes. She was also able to use certain holy magic in order to defend herself, should the demons locate her.